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bankruptcy mediation

Bankruptcy mediation is an avenue through which conflict between two or more parties can be resolved. Those involved agree to work with an impartial individual, referred to as a mediator, who helps them find a satisfactory solution.

The bankruptcy process works most efficiently when consensual restructuring is a factor. However, this typically requires a significant amount of compromise and negotiation before and after the petition is filed. The bankruptcy professionals at Pronske & Kathman, P.C. have the skills and experience to negotiate when parties are unable to come to an agreement.

Benefits of Mediation Services

In certain cases, all negotiating efforts and traditional litigation methods fail to result in compromise between the filer and other interested parties. When such scenarios occur, mediation provides a realistic path forward.

The objective is for the mediation to help the involved parties avoid what may end up being a very heavily contested and expensive plan confirmation process. Instead, the parties control the outcome of the negotiations through a voluntary, cost-effective, and confidential process. Parties have the option of choosing a flexible, creative resolution with which both parties will comply, rather than being at the mercy of a “winner takes all” decision in court.

Bankruptcy mediation is also a useful tool for resolving discrete issues and multi-party disputes in all types of contested issues including interest rates, valuation, and disputes involving specific state laws.

Seeking Help from a Mediation Professional

Pronske & Kathman Dallas bankruptcy lawyers are seasoned veterans in the practice of Mediation. Each of our attorneys are very familiar and experienced with the use of Mediation to solve problems arising in bankruptcy, litigation, creditors’ rights and insolvency matters. Gerrit Pronske holds the mediation practice certificate from the American Academy of Attorney Mediators, and is a graduate of the St. Johns College/American Bankruptcy Institute’s Mediation Training.

Mr. Pronske’s vast mediation experience, training, skills and creativity can help to get your case settled. This field is a passion for Pronske & Kathman, P.C..